Our Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) # is 11534

PHT Projects

PHT is honored to play a supporting role as we work with and empower current and future leaders who are working steadily to successfully achieve systemic change from within their own communities. We at PHT strongly believe that human trafficking is largely preventable by employing hardheaded, non- moralistic approaches to address root causes of human suffering. It is possible to prevent human trafficking by avoiding “band-aid” solutions and instead combining long-term thinking and planning while actively and critically evaluating the impact of development aid on local communities.

PHT and the Mechai Viravidya Foundation have joined together in mutual belief in the power of education to prevent human trafficking and endemic poverty, particularly in rural areas.


PHT administered this 3rd party fund from 2007-2012 to enable underprivileged children in Mae Sarieng District, Mae Hong Son Province in Northern Thailand to attend secondary school (7th - 12th grade). 

Since 1999, PHT has offered students access to some of SE Asia’s preeminent scholars, activists, organizers and government officials working at the forefront of the anti-trafficking movement.

PHT conducts briefings and trainings for Foreign Embassy officials, Diplomats, Law Enforcement and social service providers in how to identify and assist victims and survivors of human trafficking.

We strongly believe in using the power of technology to thwart human traffickers and gather data to inform prevention efforts in near real time using ubiquitous mobile devices and simple SMS.